data and information visualization

What can you find on this website?

At this website you will find a range of infographics and other information, mainly focused on the environment. Infographics can be downloaded in high resolution for further use. There is also the option of direct sharing to social networks, sorting and searching, transcripts of infographics in a text form, filtering by category and keywords and much more.

The infographics are regularly updated, both by adding completely new ones and updating existing ones, for example due to the availability of newer data.

Some of the infographics have been created as part of work for specific organizations, in which case they are created in an appropriate corporate design (logo, etc.).

Knowing and understanding = possibility and effort to search for solutions.



Global temperature 1850-2022 - warming stripes
Water on Earth
Indoor air pollution sources
Ambient air quality and emissions

Data is like a fuel of the 21st century. Data analysis is then like a combustion engine. Placing data analysis in context and its explanation is like a map that tells one where to go and makes the data viz useful.



Air quality related preliminary deaths

What is infoviz?

Infoviz is an abbreviation for "information visualization". Infoviz is the process of displaying data and information in an easy-to-understand form. It is a more complex process than simple data analysis or visualization, and recently it has become very popular to present data in this form.

The process of information display is often preceded by a process of data collection or research, data analysis and data visualization. Data analysis involves processing the data (using statistical methods) so that various questions can be answered from the data. Data analysis is often followed by the process of data visualisation - creating different types of graphs or data visualisations. The information visualization process goes one step further - it adds labels, text, and other elements to the data visualizations to explain the issue or answer the original question in an understandable way. For information visualization it is not enough to have just a knowledge of the statistics and the data set, for example, knowledge of the target group is also needed to create an output that is understandable to that group. Often different data visualizations, text, maps or other elements such as images or icons are combined. The output is also adapted to the target medium in which the visualisation is presented. For example, if it is a web page, various interactive elements can be used (zooming in on graphs and maps, selecting the information to be displayed, etc.). If, on the other hand, the output is intended for printing, the output needs to be adapted for this purpose.

The output of an information visualization can be, for example, an infographic, a poster, a web page, a report etc.












The aim of this project is to present information, especially about the environment, to the general public in an understandable, attractive and educational way. The target audience of these materials is mainly those interested in this issue, whether they are members of the public, the media or, for example, students.

My name is Jáchym. Data analysis and visualization has been a hobby of mine since I was a kid. More information about me can be found here. Apart from this website I have also created a website called Envidata, which provides a compex analysis of freely available data about the weather and climate, water and air quality. I currently work as the Head of air quality department at the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute in Brno.

Should you have any questions, ideas or other kind of feedback, feel free to contact me. At the same time, please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to contribute to the creation of the outputs presented at this webpage.

How to use these materials?

The aim of these materials is to raise awareness of the topics covered, in particular aspects related to weather, climate, air quality, water and the environment in general. The target audience for these graphics is in most cases members of the public interested in these issues, but also, for example, the media, schools, etc. Some of the graphics are also tailored to a younger audience.

All materials on this site, which have the license symbol shown below, are licensed under a Creative Commons license, specifically the CC BY 4.0 license. In summary this means, that you can share and redistribute and modify these materials for your own purposes However, always under the condition that you credit the original source (author, link to original graphic) and indicate/describe the changes you have made.

If you use these materials, I'd be happy if you let me know where, for what purpose, and generally any feedback that will help develop and improve these products in the future! by Jáchym Brzezina is licensed under CC BY 4.0